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“Designs are meant to be loved, not to be understood. It’s an unique expectation of companies and customers with no boundaries. For most of the product companies, design is to design once and produce a thousand products, and for some it’s unique. Have a look at bottles with awesome designs and enjoy.”

Neil Ashmead GTS Grand Tourer Shiraz

Elderton Wines of Australia has bottled a wine in tribute to auto enthusiast Neil Ashmead. The Neil Ashmead GTS, or “Grand Tourer Shiraz” features a racing-styled label bearing Ashmead’s signature. The best part of bottle, however, is its’ six-speed stick shift screw-on cap.

Grolsch-By Anthem Worldwide


Bohemia Beer- By Design Bridge


Drum- By Public Creative


Carlsberg- By JDO


B Frank Wine

Add yourself to the bottle. If it’s time for a heart-to-heart with a friend, co-worker or lover, this is the bottle you want to have handy. Be frank, speak your mind and get it out in the open.

Le-Coq-Special- By Taevas Ogilvy


Blue-Nectar-No.1- By Blue Nectar Design


Shepherd Neame 1698- By SAA design


Matsu Organic Wine

The Matsu Organic Wine bottles shows the history from grandfather to grandson, showing the focus this family has put into its grape over these generations. Each label represents a different wine from Matsu, “El Pícaro”, “El Recio” and “El Viejo”– each with it’s own personality and flavor.

Sibirskaya Korona- by SunInBev


Warstiener-By Warsteiner


Okocim- By LFH


What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy. (:


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