A rape case per 18 hour. What did you do today for freedom?

no rape

Today morning, after I reached office, as always I opened my RSS reader to read latest headlines. “A 23-year-woman gang raped by five to seven people in moving private bus. The accused also beat up victim and her boyfriend and threw him out of bus”. Imagine when your day starts with headlines like this.

After that I googled for rape cases in Delhi and I was shocked to know that a women is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the Capital. After 65 years of independence women of our country are afraid to step out of their homes that too in nation’s capital. I thought a lot about who’s responsible for it. Our government? Police? Girls who sep out of their houses thinking India is safe? The accused? Or us who read all these headlines and forget about it next moment? Only a victim can understand what she went through.

It’s 1:00 am and am sad, thinking what my country has become. We know only how to blame and whom to blame. Very less people talk or discuss about serious problems of our society. I am not sure who has to step forward in order to get rid of all these anti social problems, but I believe what we can do is at least generate awareness among our society.

A country is made by it’s public and if we want to see it shining, only we can do something about it.

24/7 Rape helpline numbers for Delhi/NCR
+91 11 23370557/ 1091


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