New PhoneGap build- quick walkthrough

I got a call from one of my friend that new PhoneGap build is not working, so I thought I will give it a try and write some technical tutorial after a long time. I checked PhoneGap build and figured out that it was working fine and it didn’t ask for any password(Someone told me it was asking for password?). So here is quick tutorial on Adobe’s new PhoneGap build. Lets count least number of steps it takes to build an App using PhoneGap-

  1. Go to PhoneGap build an sign in to your account. I am using my GIT credentials.


  2. Create a new App and upload zip file i.e. www folder your app.



  3. After that click on App and you will have build for Android ready, you can download APK file by clicking on Android icon
  4. To create custom build for iOS you will need to upload and select your key from menu. To do that, click on App from main menu, click on builds and select key from the dropdown. If you have not added a key yet, you will need to add it manually.

So that’s it, 4 simple steps to build apps using PhoneGap. Please don’t forget to add config.xml in your app. As PhoneGap says, ‘Make your life easier by including config.xml in your project’. Do post your comments for any queries.

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  1. Thanks, I wonder if you tried to deploy a .ipa file through an Application Loader or Xcode. Or, any suggestion how to deploy a .ipa file into App Store.

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