Company size and work cultures

After experiencing lot of people personally as well as professionally in my unplanned travels from Rajasthan to Karnataka and Delhi I thought to share few thoughts on work culture in large, medium and startup companies. After passing out of my college, I joined a medium sized company. I really liked work culture there as it was open, yet disciplined. People were friends, both personally and professionally. It was great learning atmosphere.

My second company was a large scaled IT company with big teams, where communication and status reports are prioritised over work, which is again an effective strategy to get work done on time. It’s like Philosecurity- ‘If You Can’t See It, It Can’t See You’. Good communication skills are essential for growth in large organisations.

Then came a small startup company with less than 30 employees. Interesting people, personal friendliness, open work culture. In developing countries like India, where most of the working people are more worried about money, security and future rather than following their passion and dreams, startups are one for dreamers and entrepreneurs. If you can bring smile to your face and faces of your teammates, its a great feeling to contribute in personal. Also, who wants to come to work every day unless you’re building something alongside people you respect and admire?


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