Github for dummies – Using SourceTree and SmartGit

In my earlier post, we learnt basics of Github and understood how to push and pull a repo using Git command line tools. Hate command line? Following steps will help you to get started with Github using simple GUI tools. Lets get started with creating a repo and pushing a simple text file.

  • Download SourceTree  or SmartGit. I prefer SourceTree cause of its cool looking interface.
  • Go to and create a new Github account. If you already have an account, sign in with your credentials.
  • Click on create new repository.
  • Add a  new repo- Github

    my git repo- nikhil

  • Now open your GUI client(SourceTree or SmartGit). Configure it with your credentials while installing.
  • Sourcetree

  • Now, click on add a new repo, give path of your Github repo, system folder and click on Clone.
  • clone a repo-sourcetree

    Source tree repo added

  • Once cloned, double-click on repo.
  • SourceTree-Open Panel

  • Once done go to folder where you cloned repo and add  files/folder. Right click and add files/folder to index, once added to index right-click and click on commit.
  • SourceTree- Commit

  • Click on push and congratulations on pushing your changes to server successfully.
  • Updated git repo

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