5 questions you should ask before handing over your mobile strategy to a firm

Mobile-Strategy1-300x232In Techden’s last poll where we asked users and companies to share their bad experiences while retrofitting their mobile strategies, we got almost 20 genuine and 30 anonymous ( 🙂 ) entries. Now rather than putting their names on list, we decided to give our readers a question checklist to ask before giving their mobile strategy to a software development firm-

How many apps do you have on App Store, Play Store and Windows Store? Qualitative! 

 This is the most important question. Get list of public apps, download them and test if they are not tombstone. It’s worth handing over your mobile strategy to company having less then quarter million downloads and 4+ stars per app if app was on store for more than a year. If the firm is new, download their app and make sure that you test it thoroughly.

What is your team size?

Check their team size, Linkedin is best platform to get insights about any software firm if you can use it effectively. Check out their experience, projects and recommendations.

Are you creative?

Let your creative juices flow. Mobile strategy is about creativity. Keeping your product simple yet creative is what you should target for an efficient mobile strategy. Ask a lot of questions to make sure you give your mobile strategy in right hands.

What is your SDLC?

If you are from non technical background, SDLC(software development life cycle) is structure imposed on development of software product. You will be dealing with UAT( user acceptance testing). Make sure your product fulfils business requirements.

How much do you charge?

Take a quote, check if it’s quote for cross platform or native app. Compare it with other quotes and decide. A good quote and proposal contains break down analysis of cost, requirements and deliverables.

If it’s a mobile web project you can ask them to provide URL’s for mobile websites and check how quick and responsive they are. Follow us and stay updated for more info.

It’s your app, your strategy. Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. -SJ

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