Jquerymobile for Dummies using Themeroller

This tutorial will guide on develop a good theme for your mobile applications in no time and 3 simple steps.

(each link will open in a new window)

Step 1:

Go to Jquerymobile Themeroller website.

Step 2:

Drag and drop colors and create a theme of your choice. You can choose color on button hover and a lot of other things to create a beautiful theme.

Jquery Mobile( Themeroller Simple)

Step 3:

Download the rar file from top of page. Extract the contents. You will see an index.html file. This is main file for most of the mobile application and you will need this file to create a build using phonegap.

As simple as that! Now, you have your application layout with colors of your choice ready in no time.

You may like to check Jquery mobile docs. It’s a great and simple framework  to implement list, buttons and other interesting things for your application using theme developed using themeroller.


  1. WTF? This gives no information beyond ThemeRollers own website. I’m grateful you are trying to help, but this did not. I made a page using jQuery Mobile, and I don’t know how to unite that page and the themes I created in ThemeRoller. Everyone just assumes it’s obvious, and it isn’t…

  2. In addition, why make the assumption I am using Phonegap? I am not using phonegap to make my application. Your tutorial should be independent of that.

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